–°loud video monitoring and behavior analysis systems for milk farms
COWS.AI is a cloud-based platform that provides access to real-time video and videoanalytics from your farm.
  • State-of-the-art solution: Video analytics service based on neural networks of the latest generation
  • Processes video with proprietary algorithms and provides data for decision-making.
24x7 monitoring of animal behavior and key activities on the farm
Monitoring of animal activity 24x7
System detects individual activity per each cow, including cows in heat
Monitoring of critical processes
Video analytics of feeding, milking and cleaning timing on the farm
Efficient collaboration
Platform is a convenient way for distant monitoring of animals by veterinary professionals
Seamless integration
Connectivity to the traditional farm management systems enables collection of Big Data pools
Monitoring of animal activity 24x7
Hot feature
Our system is able to detect and monitor cows in heat:
  • Each heat case detected
  • When detected, each case of a cow in heat is automatically sent to the personal account of platform.
  • Farm technicians and insemination specialists are notified by e-mail and messenger
  • Farm manager/owner gets daily, weekly and monthly statistics
    Data collection
    Together with the farm manager/owner we identify the most convenient places for video cameras installation to cover at least 90% of the farm space.
    Data delivery
    The system employs optimal ways of data transfer from the farm to the server, considering farm location and available internet channels
    Data processing
    Data is processed in the cloud by adaptive neural networks using high-efficiency servers.
    Data can be synchronized with alternative sources of information on the farm
    (milking equipment, etc)
    Data presentation
    Processed information can be accessible via multiple ways, including: laptop, mobile devices, etc.
    Notifications about important events on the farm are delivered via email, SMS and messenger apps
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