A revolutionary technology for tracking your animals, staff and processes
Tangible benefits of remote video analytics
All in one

Our video-analytic service monitors basic processes on the farm: animal behaviour, staff, and key work processes
No touch

Technology allows for one-time installation and doesn't require direct contact with animals
Tireless oversight

Provides for constant visual monitoring without any human involvement
Real benefit

Improves reproduction control and overall farm efficiency via timely identification of cows in heat
Radar Ltd.
  • Our company is a developer of cloud video monitoring and behavior analysis systems for milk farms
  • Borrowing experience from 4 countries, gathering data from 5 regions of Russia
  • Our staff includes professionals in data analysis, artificial intelligence, information technology and agriculture (milk production)
Our technology brings potential disruption to the cattle sensor tracking industry
- Tracking sensors are expensive and cost-inefficient, which is why only up to 10% of farms actually use them.
- Our solution is more affordable than both sensors and human supervision.
Animal friendly
- Traditional tracking technology includes collar, leg and tale sensors that bring potential hazards to cattle health.
- Our technology requires no direct contact with the animals.
- Sensors do not offer full control over animal health status and haven't fully solved heat detection problems.
- Our system constantly collects all key data about the animals.
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